Rider Support


Open Enrollment for 2023 Sponsorship is now closed! Stay tuned next year for enrollment for 2024!

 All riders, both new and returning, will be required to fill out our new Rider Application below.

 We will only review your application if our new form below is completed in full and submitted.

Open enrollment: Sept 1st-November 21st, 2022 - Applications received after this date will not be considered.

Signed contracts must be returned by: Dec 26th for 2023 season, signed contracts received after this date are not eligible for sponsorship.

Please find  and complete the sponsorship form below, and send it to: rider@rathmachine.com

When submitting your application by email, please save this application as a Word Document or PDF, and send that to the sponsorship email above. Do not submit as a link, as we cannot open that document format. Also, please do not send a screenshot or picture of your application, they don't download in proper format.

One rider per application. If you are on a race team, each individual member will need to fill their own form out.

Sponsorship does not automatically roll-over to the next season, and another application will need to be filled out for each year you are looking to obtain sponsorship.